Stokowski is a Dutch electronic music group formed in 2016. Consisting of a DJ, singer, guitarist and a violinist Stokowski produces synth driven pop and house songs with a catchy flow. Skokowski’s debut EP is signed with World Records.

Stokowski makes fresh, energetic, electronic music. Influenced by groups such as Disclosure and Kraak &  Smaak their own sound is somewhere between synth- pop and house.

Stokowski is based in Amsterdam. They performed on stages throughout the Netherlands and went touring in Sweden and Egypt. After that they headed back into the studio to write and produce their debut EP which is released on the 8th of march 2017. They currently signed with World Records.

A live Stokowski performance is live in every way. All the members of the band play – next tot their own instrument – keys, drums and pads as well. In this way electronic music comes to life!

Leopold Stokowski was a very remarkable personality from the last century. He was a famous conductor and visionary, predicting that in the future every sound could be recorded and amplified by electronic methods. We know he was right!